My name is La Varne Woodie and I want to share some amazing stories with you about Acupuncture & Herbs. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know 2 amazing and wonderful people. Dr. Seung Hwang and his lovely wife. They treat you so kind and they are so humble. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment you can get in there office. Dr Hwang is brilliant and really searches for the answers(like the knowledge he shared with me on bottle water), and my husband and changed that immediately because of the trust and belief we have in Dr. Hwang.

In March of 2016 my husband(69yrs old) began to have some pain(Arthur came to visit) and since we had done Acupuncture before but he was so far off we decided to try Dr. Hwang who was right here at us. Wow!!!!!!!!! The change in him was unbelievable and he hounded me to see him, but our business was so demanding and so busy that I just couldn’t take the time to do anything. So I decided he wasn’t toing to stop hounding me so I went and WOW!!!!!!! I have been so happy since then.

 Let me share a bit with you abount me. I am 66yrs old and I have had many surgeries but I have had 5 back sugeries where many bones have been place in my back and promised more to come in the future. The reason I needed to go to Dr. Hwang is because my husband had to take me to the hospital a few days before I went due to horrible pain in my left arm and neck. Well, they said I had 2 clogged arties and servere bone deterioration. The pain was awful!!!!!!! I could not believe the FEEL GOOD, ENERGY, AND THE ABLILITY TO THINK CLEAR again without pain hindering my thought process.

 I am writing this because I have not been able to go for a while because our employees have all been taking Summer Vacations and that has caused me to work, work, work. I am again in so much pain that I have to go. I was losing weight but now I have to start over again. Acupuncture does so much for you. This is the way to go for those who don’t have Insurance or feel that they can’t do surgery. The cost is so much less than what one would think and you get so much morethan you would in a Dr’s office.

LaVarne Woodie